Both high and low res versions of the Vexed 2.2 program and all currently available external level packs
vexed-lowres.prc Vexed for older Palms with 160x160 resolution, such as the Palm IIIx.
vexed-hires.prc Vexed for newer Palms with 320x320 resolution, such as the T/X, 505, etc.
vexed22-installer.prc This automated installer will automatically install the correct version of Vexed onto your Palm, as well as all levelpacks, so it's the most convenient way to install Vexed.
vexed22.psi This smaller version of the automated installer can be used if you already have a copy of Palm's installer program on your Palm.

If you have trouble downloading the files from your browser, try holding the shift key down when you click on the filename.


To install, use your Palm install tool of choice to install the correct version of Vexed, either vexed-lores.prc or vexed-hires.prc, for your Palm device. You may safely install over previous versions of Vexed.

Both the high and low res versions of the program as well as all external level packs are contained in the file. Install the level packs you wish to use with Vexed. Each takes about 8K of space in your Palm's internal memory. Vexed does not currently support storing the level packs on memory cards. If you install all level packs, the total space used is 524K.

Or, use one of the installer versions to get everything done in one step.

See the level packs page for a description of the level packs.